Saturday, March 14, 2009

And the Winner is.......

First off I want to thank all of you who took the time leave a comment on my blog and to put a link on your blog. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and will continue reading them. Thank you, also, to those who have signed up to follow my blog. It has made me so happy. I never expected to get so many responses to my candy. There were 302 responses!!!! Wow. I wasn't sure how I was going to pick a winner. The last time that I offered blog candy, I cut out all of the names and had Lexi draw a name. This time I had to think of another way of doing it. I came across a website called "". It was so simple, all that I had to do was put in the numbers 1 to 302, and like a slot machine where you pull the handle and get 3 cherries, it came up with the number "150". Now the hard part began. I printed all the postings and counted them one by one until I got to 150. I was getting pretty excited as I got closer to 150. I couldn't wait to see who my winner would be. And her name is:
Check out her blog. She has a very cute, but funny story to tell about making a card for the new baby next door. She is also a very talented artist. Please stop by and show her some blog love.
Thanks again for participating. Have a great day.

Please email me your address at


Vivi Morais said...

Congratulations Terri!!! It's a wonderful blog candy!!
And thanks again for this oportunit to Win Lori!!
So... Have a nice Week and I'll see you later!!

Shannon said...

Congratulations to Terri! :o) Thanks Lori for being so generous and kind!! Have a blessed weekend!!!

Terri E. said...

Thanks so much! This was quite a surprise and such a blessing. Thanks again for your generosity and very kind words.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Helena said...

Congratulations Terri!!!

debhorst said...

Congrats to Terri--she is one lucky girl!! I just know one of these day will pick me!! Until them I am enjoying all the great blogs I am finding and all the great artists and their inspirtions. Lori, what a generous loot you put out there!! I hope you are blessed in return with many great goodies!!

Anonymous said...

congratumalations, terri! and lori, you rock for doing this. your fan base is huge and constantly growing - your stuff is beautiful! :)

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