Tuesday, June 8, 2010

She is moving on to Kindergarten

My little sweetie graduated from Kinderlinks today. It is a Pre-K program. I am so sad to see her leave this school. It has been such a wonderful experience for her. She has made so many
nice friends. And, I too have made some nice friends from it. The teachers, staff and parents are so wonderful. We are so blessed to have had her in such a nurturing environment.


Shaela said...

I feel your pain... my son finished pre-k and will be starting REAL Kindergarten this August - *sob!*

Jeanne said...

What a cutie! A great preschool makes a world of difference when the kids start kindergarten. I know how you feel, but when you see them bloom in kindergarten, it's so worth it!!

Gotta say it, that little girl making the face with her hands sure made me giggle! *Ü*

Carolyn Christie said...

She is so beautiful!! I know the feeling about the school thing. But they will bounch back, and we need to keep praying for our kids, grandkids! :)

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