Sunday, June 27, 2010

We found Oprah's House!!!

It may not be her house, but it is her gazebo. lol. If you look to the right of the picture, you will see a structure with a point on it. That is the gazebo. While we were in Hana yesterday, we were joking about which house might be Oprah's. While driving along the coast and passing houses, we came upon this one that had multiple security gates in front of the property. You couldn't see the house at all. After passing all the gates we pulled over at a small view spot and looked in the direction of the house that "might be hers" and I snapped this picture. There were two fishermen out on the rocks. We were joking that they were probably her chef and su chef. This morning, Katie told me that she googled famous peoples houses on Maui and they showed this gazebo at Oprah's house. Too funny. She also read that Pierce Bronson lives here, too. Now that is one that I definitely want to find. lol.

We were in Savannah about 5 years ago and took a cooking class with Paula Dean. It so happens that the Bed and Breakfast that we stayed at was run by a woman who was friends with Paula. She told us where her house was and some funny stories. She told us that Paula was looking to move after she found two women lifting each other up to peek over her fence. lol. We drove out to where her friend said she lived and I am sure that we found it, because it looked just like the one on her show.


Shaela said...

lol, isn't it so funny about things like that? :)

Dawn said...

How funny I wouldn't have thought of you as peering for stars!
I know I would enjoy looking for Oprah or Paula Dean.

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