Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Keke Hula Show

This evening, I walked down to the Whalers Village shopping center to buy some souvenirs. While I was there, they had the Keke Hula show going on.

Day 6 in Paradise

Today we spent the day sightseeing and drove up to the Iao Valley to see the Iao Needle. For the first time on this island, we felt a little bit cold. We didn't expect the weather to be 71 degrees. Not that this temperature is cold, but when you just came from a temperature of 80 degrees, just down the rode, it was noticeably cold. The views were spectacular and it reminded Katie of the movie Jerassic Park. She couldn't get over how beautiful it was.

After our drive to the Iao Valley, we drove to the upcountry and had lunch at the "Hali'imaile" General Store. It is pronounced "Halee-ee-ma-ee-lee." We first learned about this restaurant from the "Food Network" Channel. Rachel Ray, Emeril and Giada have all been here. We shared a piece of their award winning "Pineapple Upside Down Cake" for dessert.

In the Upcountry is a winery that not only has wine made out of grapes but also pineapple. It is so beautiful up here and there is a gorgeous view of the ocean below.
There are some beautiful birds on the island and I am so happy to have captured a picture of this little guy.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 5 in Paradise

Today was another relaxing day. I started the day snorkeling with some friends and then spent the day by the pool. In the evening we went to what I consider to be the best Luau on the island. It is the "Feast at Lele." You are served a delicious five course meal representing the islands of the Pacific - Hawaii, Aotearoa, Tahiti and Samoa. After each course there is a dance put on to represent that island.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 4 in Paradise

Today, I caught some flack from my family and friends on facebook, that I am spending too much time playing on my computer and not enough time relaxing. So here I am "chillaxin" at the pool and beach.

Day 3 in Paradise

Today was a lazy day spent out by the pool reading and relaxing. After our long drive to Hana yesterday, all we wanted to do was to veg out. In the evening, we went into the town of Lahina and had dinner with a friend that I went to high school with. She and her best friend are here celebrating her birthday. We had a great time reminiscing about our high school days. She also gave me some great tips on using my camera. Here is a picture of me and Gwen.We were playing with different settings on my camera for sunsets. She showed me how to get a more dramatic look.As for this little guy, I'm sure glad that she spotted him before I almost stepped on him!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We found Oprah's House!!!

It may not be her house, but it is her gazebo. lol. If you look to the right of the picture, you will see a structure with a point on it. That is the gazebo. While we were in Hana yesterday, we were joking about which house might be Oprah's. While driving along the coast and passing houses, we came upon this one that had multiple security gates in front of the property. You couldn't see the house at all. After passing all the gates we pulled over at a small view spot and looked in the direction of the house that "might be hers" and I snapped this picture. There were two fishermen out on the rocks. We were joking that they were probably her chef and su chef. This morning, Katie told me that she googled famous peoples houses on Maui and they showed this gazebo at Oprah's house. Too funny. She also read that Pierce Bronson lives here, too. Now that is one that I definitely want to find. lol.

We were in Savannah about 5 years ago and took a cooking class with Paula Dean. It so happens that the Bed and Breakfast that we stayed at was run by a woman who was friends with Paula. She told us where her house was and some funny stories. She told us that Paula was looking to move after she found two women lifting each other up to peek over her fence. lol. We drove out to where her friend said she lived and I am sure that we found it, because it looked just like the one on her show.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 2 in Paradise

Today was a long but glorious day in Paradise. Yawn. We made the long ride to Hana and to the 7-Sacred Pools. The total milage was only 44 miles, but it took us 4 hours to get there. The reason is that the speed limit is 15 miles per hour and in many spots it gets down to 10 miles especially over these single lane bridges. The scenery was beautiful and worth the drive.This was the second stop on our drive. It was to the Twin Falls. They had a fruit stand with coconuts, pineapple and little bananas.Her are the falls. Bill, Ryan and Katie swam in the pond while I relaxed and took pictures.After 4 hours, we made it to Hana and had lunch at one of the two restaurants in town.
This is one of the cottages at the Hana Hotel.
And here we are at the O'Heo Gulch, most known as the Seven Sacred Pools.
On the way back we stopped by the black sand beach. We were too tired to go down, but was nice viewing it from above.

Finally, we ended the day with dinner at the Pool Side Grill watching the sunset.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 1 in Paradise

Today we traveled to the beautiful island of Maui. We brought my son, Ryan and his adorable girlfriend, Katie, with us. The nice thing about traveling here, is that we gain time. It is a 5 hour flight over, but in California, we are 3 hours ahead. Our plane left at 7:40 am and we arrived im Maui at 9:40 am. So, we had the whole day ahead of us. We spent a good part of it, laying out by the pool reading.
I really wanted to get some good sunset photos, but have not been studying my photography lessons. I am surprised that I actually got some good shots. I played around with the settings on my camera and took pictures at various times.This is Ryan and Katie. Aren't they a cute couple?For dinner we ate at the Hula Grill. My dinner was so yummy. I had grilled shrimp served over pasta in a pesto macadamia nut sauce. The food here is so fresh and delicious. I am going to have to be careful or my luggage won't be the only thing over the weight limit. lol.
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