Friday, October 3, 2008

Blog Award

My dear, sweet, Sister-in-law Vicki sent me this blog award. She is such an inspiration to me in her artwork and Faith. She is also a writer of Christian Bible Studies and Children's books. Through our scrapbooking and stamping we have developed a wonderfull friendship. We talk to each other every morning during my commute to work. I can't wait to call her the moment, I get in the car, but many timew, she beats me to it. Love her to pieces. She is my BFF. Please check out her blog, you will truly be inspired by her and want to be her BFF too.

I am passing this award onto three very special bloggers that inspire me and that I love to read daily.

The first one is Sparkle. I first met Sparkle on line through CTMH. Her scrapbook layouts were the envy of all the CTMH consultants. She is one of the Challenge members for Stampingbella on Split Coast Stampers. She is also a designer for 3 Dreams and has designed for Sweet and Sassy. Sparkle is an inspiration and so much fun, and is someone that I would love to hang with. I not only love checking out her artwork, but her daily life stories. You will enjoy her blog too.

The next one is Marjorie. She is also a CTMH Consultant. Like Sparkle, her layouts are the envy of everyone. She loves to provide challenges on the CTMH consultant board. When you look at her blog, it is easy to see where she gets her inspiration. She has two beautiful little girls that she loves to scrapbook. She also makes Bella and other cards. She is a sweety who you will want to know. Her blog will inspire you to get out those scrapbooking supplies and join her.

The last one is Nicole. Her blog is very special to me, because this is where I got my inspiration to start blogging. She is a CTMH consultant and makes beautiful layouts and cards. I love reading her blog and hearing about her trials and tribulations in life. Even though, I don't know her personally, I have gotten to know her through her blog and wish that I were her friend. You will want to be, too.


Giffysk8s said...

You are just so sweet! If inly I was as wonderful as you think I am. :)

Tickle Me Pink said...

Hehe I'm totally there with Vicki ^_~ Thanks hun, you are such a sweet heart!!

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