Friday, April 9, 2010

Flowers Whisper What Words Cannot Say

Ever have one of those weeks when things go horribly wrong? I had one of those weeks, and what got me through it was the love of a friend who was by my side the whole way. Her comfort meant the world to me. And, I thank God for her. Of all the blessings in my life, the most important are my family and close friends. As a thank you, I made this card for her. I used the April Stamp of the month called "Flower Pot" from CTMH and the paper is "That's Amore". The sentiment that came with this set says "Flowers Whisper What Words Cannot Say". It couldn't be more perfect. To give dimension to my card, I stamped the image first. Then on a seperate piece of paper, I stamped the flowers and flower box. I colored both images and cut the second one out. I then propped them up on pop dots. I gave a little twist to the flowers, so that you could see the flowers underneath. I used brads for the nails in the shutters. And, if you are wondering if my week got better. It did. But, I am drained. I got some rest this afternoon and plan to go to crop night at my favorite scrapbook store, Jazzy Crafts. Have a blessed weekend. And, always remember, God is good. He will always provide what you need. And, when you wonder where he is, look around. He may be in that person next to you. God uses those around us to show us his love. He will never leave us nor forsake us, no matter what. Wow. I hadn't planned on making this a biblical lesson, I just needed to share his goodness.


Elaine Hagebush said...

Ah, friends are there for us! Good to know . . . and I'm sure your friend will love this beautiful card!

Kathi C. said...

Your card is lovely, Lori! And I didn't mind your little lesson one bit.God is good. We just have to show Him what we're made of once in a while. Take care, friend.

Dawn said...

Amen sistah!
Wouldn't consider that a preaching just the honest truth. If more people believed in the power there wouldn't be so much misery or woe is me thinking.
What a blessing to have a good friend by your side.
Your card is just lovely and I am sure she will appreciate your words.
Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

Sparkle said...

Such a darling card! I hope you have a great weekend.

Shaela said...

God IS good, and good friends are priceless. :) I'm sure your friend will love the card, you put so much love and detail into it. :)

Giffysk8s said...

Beautiful card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't know you were having such a bad week. You should have told me! And not just because I want the card. :)

Sharli said...


Beautiful card - I love the Amore paper.

Your lesson is a good one - I'm glad your friend was by your side - take care of yourself and keep the faith.


Jeanne said...

While I'm very sorry to hear you've had such a tough week, I'm also heartened to know your friend was by your side the whole time! What a blessing.

The card you made to thank her is wonderful. She will truly appreciate it!

Let's hope things continue on an upswing now!

Carolyn Christie said...

That is so sweet your friend was there to see you through. God is so good! He brought you a special friend at just the right time!


Carolyn Christie said...

Oh and your card is beautiful, I'm sure she'll love it!!

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