Saturday, April 17, 2010

Photography Lesson #3

Lesson #3 of my online photography class puts everything that we have learned together. It is a hard lesson and I have shied away from doing it. Fortunately, the instructor gave us an extra week and I am at the end of that week. Today, I took my camera and my computer outside, read the lesson and practiced. With this lesson we had to use the Manual setting and choose either apperature or shutter speed as out focus. Since I was taking pictures of "non-moving" objects and wanted to blur the background, I chose apperature. Once you choose your apperature, then you choose the matching shutter speed. Confusing??? It is, but she gave us a little ruler guide to help us match them. The next thing is using the meter on the inside of the view finder to adjust for over/under esposure. To do this, you push the shutter half way down and look at the little lines and dashes inside the camera. You want the meter line to be right in the middle. Once that is in line you take your picture. A minor, but important step is letting in the right amount of light. This is the ISO. Since it was a bright, sunny day, I set it on ISO 100. These are the settings that I chose: Apperature 5.6 and Shutter Speed 1/60 and when zooming the focal length is 50 mm. My head is spinning from all these numbers and choices. Time to take a break and pick it up another day. I will have to practice what I tell Alexia, "Practice makes perfect."


Rhonda said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Love all the pictures! You did a great job - I'd give you an A+

Sharli said...

Beautiful! I love your kitty! The flowers are very pretty - I see what you mean about them being the focal point and the background just there, fuzzy. It's good!

Jeanne said...

My mind is spinning at all those numbers and speeds you need to keep track of, but the effort is well worth it, as your photos are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Carolyn Christie said...

Beautiful Pics! TFS the class tips. I so want to take this class!
Have a wonderful day!

Giffysk8s said...

Lori, you did a great job with this lesson! I still have to do it. I am soooo behind. :(

Love the photo of Bill and Fat Cat. LOL

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