Thursday, July 1, 2010

Last Day in Paradise

Today is our last day on the beautiful island of Maui. This has been a very relaxing vacation and I am sad to see it end. But, I do miss home, my daughter and my little Lexi. This morning we went on a snorkel/sail trip. We saw some beautiful fish and a couple of sea turtles. I bought an underwater camera. I am not too sure how well my pictures will turn out. But, I had fun snapping pictures anyway. I can't wait to see Lexi and give her the new Ukulele that I bought for her. Last year in Kauai we bought her one and she loved it so much, but it broke and we couldn't find another one in California. Her request was for us to bring another one back.This is a picture of a sea turtutle above the water.Here is a picture of Bill, Ryan and Katie snorkeling. I didn't get a frontal view, because it is not too pretty of a picture. lol.

This evening, we into Lahaina and had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Kobe. Our chef was very entertaining and the food was delicious. On the way, we passed by the famous Banyan Tree. I am always amazed that this is just one tree every time I see it.

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Giffysk8s said...

Love the photo of you and Bill by the banyan trees! Sorry your trip to paradise is over. But I have missed you terribly and can't wait to have you home!

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