Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Camera Lesson #1

Lesson #1 Familiarize myself with the new Camera.
I am a bit intimidated by my new camera, or maybe I should say intimidated a lot by the new camera. Vicki said that I should learn it in small increments instead of trying to take the whole thing on. Like learning how to take pictures of flowers. So, tonight when I got home from work, I picked up the camera and the manual and went outside to learn. Looking at this thing scares the heck out of me. What if I press the wrong button and mess everything up? Then what? So I try to calm myself down. Breathe. Then open the manual. I learn where the On/Off button is, how to zoom in and out. I play a little with the zoom features. Note the Scrub Jay. I need to work on birds next.

And the dog. This is kind of fun. Gee I can actually take pictures and view them.

Now it's time to learn how to take pictures of flowers. In the manual is a section on flowers. Looking at the top of the camera is the "Mode Dial". The manual says to turn it to the picture of the flower. That was easy. I have lots of flowers in my yard, so now it's time to give it a try. Wow. I can actually take pictures of flowers now. I'm not sure if these are what a photographer would call "good", but so far I'm happy with them.

Baby steps. That's how I'm going to do this. The camera scares me just looking at. The next lesson will be in trying to get over the fear.


de said...

Great job Lori! Look up They have a great intro photo course for $99. There is usually a wait to get in, but it's not too long. I took it and really learned alot! It's definitely geared towards beginners. And of course, doing what you're doing, practice, practice, practice. Great thing about digital, it doesn't turn out, delete it and try again! :-)

Leslie said...

Lori, how beautiful your flowers are. You look like you are already a pro with your new camera.
I have left you an award over on my blog if you choose to accept it.
Leslie at

Giffysk8s said...

You are too funny! It's a camera, not a disease. Although it could turn into an addiction, which in turn will you give you more to scrapbook. So maybe it is a disease. LOL

Sparkle said...

Your flowers are so pretty! You'll be a pro in no time I'm sure! :)

Diana said...

You are doing wonderful so far! Keep it up and have fun!

Sharli said...

I love your card, but really enjoyed walking with you while you get used to your new camera! Congrats! Knowing that it intimidates you is half of the battle! And you're doing GREAT! I'll be visiting often so I can see how wonderfully the camera is getting used.

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