Friday, May 7, 2010

OMG!!!! She is famous!!!

This morning, I went to the Close to My Heart Website and looked at the new "Make it From Your Heart" art gallery under "Ideas and Inspiration" and I found this layout of Lexi and Bill. They used pictures that I sent in to create this layout. Check it out.{4D78FB63-BFD0-4C2E-9298-81EC6D615798} I can't wait to wake everyone up and show them!!!!


Dawn said...

How exciting for you ! How wonderful to be chosen and have everyone see your lovely creations.

Scrap Jaci said...

Congratulations!! She is a living doll!

Sharli said...

What wonderful layouts - I share your excitement and know I would just be thrilled!!! Congratulations!

Kim said...

Absolutely beautiful and SUPER exciting! Lexi and Bill look so happy together and what a grand thing to notice that excitement!!!
Hugs~ Kim

Jeanne said...

With that wonderful layout, and such a cute subject, I'm not surprised! Very exciting!!

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