Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July pictures

This 4th of July, I have reason to celebrate. I am so blessed to have my beloved, best friend Jackie back in my life. When we started middle school 35 years ago, she and her parents moved back to England. I was so boken hearted and lost. It was a very sad time for both of us. Some time ago her family moved back, but we never reconnected. We ran into each other at a Weight Watchers meeting a few months ago. And, have spent so much time reminiscing about the past and catching up on the gap that we lost. Now we both have families and it is so good to be back together. Don't ever leave me again Jackie!!!

Jackie and Me Bill, Me, Jackie and Steve Katie, Lexi and Amy.

Lexi, the little flirt that she is, had so much fun with Katie's boyfriend, Steven.

Lexi wanted so badly to help me make the fried chicken for our picnic. So, I let her roll the chicken in the flour and dunk it in the buttermilk. Don't worry. When it was time for the frying part, I had her go play with her toys. She had so much fun. And the chicken was so delicious.


Giffysk8s said...

HOW FUN! Wish I could have been there! I can almost tast that freid chicken, and now I am craving peach cobbler!

Jenn said...

What sweet pictures. How amazing is that, that you ran into your long lost awesome!!! Looks like you guys have a fabulous 4th!!! Your little granddaughter is just absolutely precious!!! :D

Adela said...

Lexi is Adorable with a capital "A."

Paredez Family said...

Oh my Lori,, you brought tears to my eyes. We had such a wonderful time with you guys and many more to come!!!! I love the pictures they are adorable and yes guys the Fried Chicken and Peach Cobbler was awesome!!!!! Love Jackie (her childhood and now adult BFF)

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