Saturday, July 25, 2009

Look at my new Embellishment Center!!!

Look what I bought at Michaels with a 50% off coupon. I have loved this Embellishment Center from Making Memories for so long and have finally got it. I have checked prices online and saw it for around $50 at one site, but the shipping was outrageous. Michaels had it, but I didn't like the $80 price tag, so I did a search for Michaels Coupons. There are lots of sites for printable coupons, but I wanted to make sure that the coupon that I took to the store with was valid. I went to At the bottom of their screen is a printable 50% off coupon that you get if you register with them. I printed it and took it to Michaels and there was no problem using it. My dining room is my scrapbook room. It bothers me that it is so untidy, so I am going to work on getting it organized.

The majority of my "stuff" is in plastic drawers and they are just not working for me. They have become "junk drawers" and I can't find anything, let alone know what I have. See what I mean?
This drawer holds bags of unmounted Bella, Magnolia, and other stamps that need to go into binders. The mess in these corners is driving me crazy. Everything is piled up and I do not like it. I am going to try a bookshelf. I ordered this bookshelf from Target and plan to put my CTMH books, binders and a lot of this stuff on it. I would like to get "small" wicker baskets to put on the shelfs for extra embellishments. Notice that I said "small". If I keep them small then I won't be able to put a lot of stuff in them, therefore, avoiding the problem that I now have. Hopefully. These are the first set of drawers that I purchased and they work very well. I keep in them my CTMH cardstock organized by season. They will definitely stay.This table holds new embellishment and paper so that I can see it and use it. I also have my clear blocks up there. The lavendar box has cards that I have made. I plan to put these things on the bookshelf and put my Cuttlebug and Big Shot on this tableThis is my storage for my punches. It's not great, but at least they are all together.These little drawers work great for my stamp pads.I use these containers for my CTMH Stamps. I have them on shelfs in the garage. You can see my previous post on cataloging these stamps. It is really working for me.I love this Desktop Carousel from Making Memories. I keep the things that I use all the time in it.This is where I keep my Cricut machine. It works for now.In these drawers I keep my Cricut Cartridges, Nestabilities and Cuttlebug folders. The bottom two drawers hold packets of patterned paper. I need to start using this paper up, so that I can buy more. If I limit myself to the space of these two drawers, then it will force me to use it.
When you walk into my house, you see my scrap mess. It really bothers me, because I am stuck with the mind set that if you have a formal living room and dining room, then it is suppose to look nice all the time. I get this from my mom. I remember her saying "This is the first room that people see when they walk into your house, so it needs to stay clean". It didn't matter what the rest of the house looked like, but that room had to be perfect. lol. Notice the somewhat "tidy" living room. Over by the fireplace I have photo albums that need to be put away.
Then you round the corner and step into the scrap room. I actually cleaned the table off for you. Before this picture, you wouldn't have known there was a table there. lol. I was too embarassed to show it. I tend to go from one project to the next without cleaning up and this table is an enabler. lol. It also works great for my workshops. There is plenty of room for everybody.
After working in here for so long, I love it. There is plenty of light. I am close to the family and it is great for my workshops. If I had an extra room, I probably wouldn't enjoy the isolation. This works!!!! So, some how I need to get away from that old mind set. If I clean it up and get organized, I think that it will work for me, because I am not going anywhere else. If you have any pictures of your scraproom on your blog, please share them with me. And, if you have any suggestions, I will gladly welcome them.


Giffysk8s said...

This looks NOTHING like it did when I was there in August! ROFL! And you can't even seen a broken chair. :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the shelf! And I love how that Big Shot looks on your table. I am still thinking of getting one. For now, I am spending all my money on Cricut cartridges. But boy am I having fun with them. My layouts have titles again! Yippee! Oh's just ANOTHER thing that you've gotten me addicted to! I LOVE it, and Rick says thanks. LOL

The room is looking good! You go girl!

Sharli said...


Your space is whatever you want it to be! I have a room and I love being able to go in there and have everything close at hand. I can work on a project for awhile, and leave the room (and project)safely left out by just closing the door. It works, probably mostly because I don't have a family coming and going - only me and my cats now. ;-)

Alanna said...

I love that shelf Lori. Great job getting it for 1/2 off. It looks like you've got a pretty good system for organization.

Your front room is gorgeous, also.

Leslie said...

Lori, great shelf, I envy you your living room. You would probably envy my scraproom. The children have moved into their own apartments, except the 16 year old who chooses to stay gone with friends most of the time My "livingroom" is a great room with plaster board leaning against a wall, a couple exercise machines, a leaf blower, a saw and it's case - not together, mind you, but beside each other. My husband can't seem to put his toys away, and God forbid, I should touch them. I hide out in my scraproom.

Shaela said...

good luck getting organized! I used to have a whole room to myself with 3 tables, a bookshelf, a closet and a 4 high shelves... but I had to condense. A LOT. Now I keep my little-used items in my basement and have my frequently-used things on a bookshelf in the corner of my living room. I'll take pics and share them with you. :)

btw... I have that same mindset from my mother about the front room, lol!

Kariberry said...

I love to see craft rooms. Your space is great and your dinning room is gorgeous! Love the shelf! I too have one... every crafter should, right? :) TFS!!

Sparkle said...

What a gorgeous room. I agree, the light must be so nice to have in there. Yeah for the Embellishment center!

Don't tell Brent, but I kindof mis s being in the living room too. I miss being close to the TV, computer, and just being able to see whats all going on around me, lol.

Mama of 2 said...

It was fun to see where you scrapbook at! TFS!

I have a beautiful scrapbook armoire in my frontroom. People don't even know my scrapbook stuf (and a pull out table) are hidden inside of it. I seen it at a scrapbook expo here in Utah and had to get it. It's the most beautiful scrapbook armoire I have ever seen. I only have this picture of the outside, but I will have to post pictures of the inside one day.

I have a desk in the corner of my room, which is where I scrapbook (and play on my laptop) the most. I tend to scrapbook at night when my children are asleep.

I have to put tables in my family room for my workshops. I wish I had a bigger house with a spare room, but this works too!

Hope you can get to these pictures to see where I scrapbook at!

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