Thursday, September 4, 2008

Free Shipping on Stampingbella!!!

I am so excited. Em is offering free shipping on all orders over $45 over at Stampingbella until Tuesday, September 9. Before I forget, the free shipping code is: fea404. It is also listed on her blog on the Stampingbella website. Now, I can finally get my Bindah (binder). Yippee!!! I am going to be good this time and not order as much. Even though I want it all. I am only going to get: Pia Puddingtop, Polly Packages and Witchy Bella. I love all the Tiddlyinks, especially Sir Cute a lot (some day I will get him), and Chichiboulies. Those are my favorites. Hope to someday finish those collections. And, then there are others that I haven't even tried, like the Stellas, the Bellas and Fellas and on and on. She even has cute flowers and lots of other embelishments. Okay, time to stop wishing. Can't have it all...just a little at a time. LOL.

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Paredez Family said...

Ok I will try again to see if my password works.

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