Monday, September 29, 2008

Gifts from my Bella Sistah Leah

I have the sweetest and most thoughtful Bella Sister. Look at all of the wonderful things that she sent me!!! Last week she sent me two Penny Black Stamps. They are the two girls up top. Their names are Ginger and Vanilla. Today she sent me "Sir Cutealot". Don't you just love that name? She sent me lots of bling, ribbon, sparkles, stamps, colored pencils, an adorable stamp set with artistic expressions on it, cupcake stickers for Lexi birthday page, hand made cards and a beautiful card with a dress on it. Leah, you are so talented and so thoughtful.
Lexi loves it when I get packages in the mail. And, this time Leah included a package for her. A birthday present for Lexi. One that she knew Lexi would love. And, Lexi did love it. She got a Tinkerbell to color, A book about a fairy named "Bella". How perfect!!!, some images of an adorable penguin and some bling for her cards...dragonflies,butterflies, crowns stars and other gems. Lexi can't wait to play. Thank you Leah :)


Giffysk8s said...

How much fun! You are one spoiled Bella sistah! (But NOT rotten! LOL)

Hulachickabella said...

That is such a great package to receive!!! And to think of your daughter...ahh, so sweet!

Mel =)

Nicole said...

Whoa - it's like Christmas at your house! Lexi is such a cutie pie and what fun she will have with all her goodies!

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