Friday, November 28, 2008

Gifts from my Bella Sistah Leah

I love it when the UPS man comes up my street and stops at my house. A few days ago he delivered this awesome package from my Bella Sister Leah. She is always so thoughtful. Not only does she think of me, but she always has something for Lexi. And, Lexi get's so excited.
For my gift, Leah gave me "Grillafella" and "Stella Has Something to Say", some stamped images, a dress pattern to make an adorable dress card and the paper and ribbon to make it. She also gave me flowers, embellishments, and adorable Mouse Christmas Stamp ,some Bella dots and Bella donuts, some flower soft and cards and snacks. My goodness am I remembering everything? Nope. She also gave me some Christmas hand towels.
For Lexi, she gaave her some adorable Christmas stickers and a princess sticker book, some books to read and an adorable sled ornament with Lexi's name on it. You can see it on Lexi's pink Christmas tree.

Lexi had to run upstairs immediately and put it on her tree and then she opened up a bag of trail mix from Leah and enjoyed a delicious snack. She loves having Leah as a Bella Sister and so do I :)

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