Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lexi's Birthday

Good morning Everyone. Hope you are having a nice day. I have been wanting to share these layouts of Lexi's birthday. I used CTMH "Paper Garden" paper pack. I used my Cricut to cut the letters for the title, balloons and confetti. The cute little cupcakes are from my Bella Sister Leah. We used a "Cupcake" theme for the party. Each child got to decorate their own cupcakes. We put little bowls of frosting and sprinkles on each table. It was a big hit...even with the adults.

And, now for some acknowledgements. One of my CTMH Sisters, Misty sent this adorable "Cremesicle" card to Lexi. She knows that Lexi loves getting things in the mail. Doesn't this card look yummy enough to eat? Thank you Misty :)

This rather large package filled with all kinds of crafting supplies, candy, Hello Kitty items and jewelry was from my Bella Sister, Leah. Lexi refers to Leah as "Our Bella Sister". She loves it when Leah, sends packages. And, she was so delighted to have a package from her "Bella Sister". Thank you Leah for your kindess. Lexi's mother sends a heartfelt thank-you, too.

My Sister-in-Law Diane brought this adorable Antique Buggy for Lexi. Lexi had so much fun pushing her new "Bitty Baby" in it.

Here is another picture of "Bitty Baby" in her matching birthday dress to Lexi's. The name "Bitty" is quite appropriate for this doll. There is a funny story that goes along with this name. When Lexi's mother, Jennifer, was little I used to send her to a babysitters a couple of days a week. There was another child there named Jennifer, so they nick-named my Jennifer "Bitty" as in "Itty Bitty". When my son was born, Jennifer was 2 1/2 and was quite resentful of all the attention placed on her new baby brother. My husband had to go on a business trip a week after the baby was born. My Sister-in-Law, Diane came to stay with me and help out. One day, Jennifer was acting up, and with my permission, Diane gave her a swat on the bottom. Jennifer lost her balance and fell on the brick fireplace. She was fine, but Diane was concerned and took her to the doctor. I got a frantic call from Diane at the doctors office. Diane, in tears, said to me "She told the doctor that her name is Betty!!!!" I busted up laughing and reassured her that she was just fine.

These adorable "Bitty Baby" clothes came from Lexi's aunt, Vicki. Lexi has had so much fun changing "Bitty's" clothes. Thank you, Vicki :)

"Bitty Baby", also, got an adorable diaper bag from Vicki's daughter and granddaughter, Brittany and Emma filled with all the essentials that a well cared for baby will need. Thank you Brittany and Emma :)

And, here is a very happy Birthday Girl with her presents.

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Giffysk8s said...

Love all the pix and the birthday layouts! Too bad we couldn't be there. You sure are cranking out the scrapbooks pages lately!

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