Saturday, November 15, 2008

Turkey and a Blond Moment

Good afternoon everyone. Hope you are having a nice relaxing day. I sure am. I am soooo lazy today. And, the house smells so good. We are roasting a turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner tonight at church. Bill always volunteers "us" to make a turkey, stuffing and gravy. Why so much??? I keep asking that question. He does it, because he knows that it will taste good. We remember some not so good dinners the turkeys that were too dry and the gravy with grease floating on the top. Yuk. This is Bill's gaurantee that he won't be eating a bad meal. LOL.

Here is the turkey. Yum. You will have to roll me out. I am looking forward to Pumpkin Pie. My Fav.

I am also looking forward to spending some time with my BFF, Louise. She just called and said that she will be there. I am so excited. I don't get to see her that often because she moved away. Her son and his family live near by and she is baby sitting tonight. She will be there with her two adorable grandsons. Can't wait to see her and the kids.
I have to share a very funny and "embarassing" moment. This morning I got up to make the stuffing and had a very "blond" moment. Bill went to the store to get some more celery, onion and broth. After finishing a batch of stuffing, I realized that I didn't need anymore eyes had taken about enough. Well anyway, I pick up the house phone to call Bill on his cell phone. After I dial, I here a cell phone ringing and not even thinking , I hang up the house phone and pick up "Bill's" cell phone thinking to myself "oh, he's calling me". Well, no one was there. So I hang up, and dial again using the house phone. Once again Bill's phone rings, and I look to see who is calling. It says "home". Then, duh, I finally realized that Bill can't be calling me because his phone is sitting right here on the counter!!!

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Giffysk8s said...

OMG! My beer (light, of course!) just shot out of my nose b/c I am laughing so hard!!!

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